On September 25 each year in venues throughout New Zealand on White Heart Day (like ANZAC day) we come together to remember victims and from that loss motivate people to turn the tide so others do not become victims in the future.

Hello my name is Simon Cowan. In March 2001 my family was ripped apart with the murder of my second eldest son, Philip. Sadly now I share a common bond with many people in New Zealand who have had their lives changed because of a tragic or criminal act.

This heartbreaking experience has motivated me, with the help of others, to create the White Heart Victims Remembrance Trust. I am now the founding Chairman.

The purpose of the Trust is two-fold:

1.Increase the public awareness that the loss of victims has a traumatic effect on victims families and others through the White Heart Day.

2. Using the White Heart Day to encourage New Zealanders to be a more caring and supportive community for all, especially the most vulnerable – our children.

Our focus is to show the effects of tragic events and crime on victims and their families and from that loss build a better future for our children to enjoy.