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Welcome to the White Heart Trust Website

Too many people in our society have their life changed because of a tragic or criminal act.

Our purpose is to acknowledge their pain, help them wherever possible and to create awareness of the consequences.

We would like those in society who have not had their life changed by a tragic or criminal act to understand how valuable life is for them when they enjoy life with little impact from such tragic events.

We applaud those groups who assist those who suffer and those who assist members of society who have had a difficult life.

Our FOCUS is on the victims and the consequences of the tragic event.

Their stories in their own words.......................

Included on this website are some of the stories about real people in New Zealand whose lives have been affected by a tragic or serious criminal act.
They illustrate the reason for the existance of the White Heart Trust.

Go to the Victims Stories page.

The inaugural White Heart Day 25th September 2011

A full report is on the Remembrance Day page. Go there.
Watch it on YOUTUBE. Click here